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Intro 1 - Digital Circles
Intro 2 - Ink Drops
Intro 3 - Unfolding
Intro 4 - Simple Glitch
Intro 5 - Clean
Intro 6 - Camera
Intro 7 - Arrow Wipe
Intro 8 - Rocks & Debris
Intro 9 - Rings
Intro 10 - Bad TV
Intro 11 - Form (black)
Intro 11 - Form (white)
Intro 12 - Lens Wipe
Intro 13 - Panels (Black)
Intro 13 - Panels (White)
Intro 14 - Particles Impact
Intro 15 - Cards
Intro 16 - Blinds
Intro 17 - Circles
Intro 18 - Film
Intro 19 - Flares & Smoke
Intro 20 - Particulars
Intro 21 - Portals
Intro 22 - Black and White
Intro 23 - Logos
Intro 24 - Bright Light
Intro 25 - Digital Interferance

Only $47

Works With YouTube's Latest "Branding Intro" Feature!

YouTube recently released a super cool new feature to INSTANTLY brand your videos. We're happy to say that the intros you can get on this page are fully compatible with this new feature from YouTube. All of them are less than 3 seconds long...
exactly meeting YouTube's requirements! 

Once you've received your intro from us, just upload your intro to your channel,
and you're ready to ROCK!

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Examples And Comments From Raving Fans

Check out some of the intro's we've created for customers all over the world. Just hit play to watch them all. And make sure you read the notes and comments below the videos too!

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There is no need to have logo ready beforehand. You can place your order right away, and submit your logo whenever you are ready in the future some time. No stress. No fuss. Just flick us an email when you are ready and we'll take care of it for you then...

Our Simple Guarantee …

If you don't like the end result, just tell us, and we'll do whatever it takes to fix your animations for you. And if we still can't fix it, we'll give you a FULL refund, no questions asked!

That's how serious we are about creating THE PERFECT set of Splasheo clips for you!